J.R. Proctor is a singer-songwriter, performer and recording artist based in Victoria, British Columbia. On stage, he captivates listeners by mixing sparse arrangements and melodic hooks with clear deference for the folk storytelling tradition.

Daydream Sommelier marks J.R.’s first release of original material. While these five original songs are rooted in the folk tradition - and are influenced by his time spent performing bluegrass and old-time music - he explores themes that extend beyond the confines of any particular genre. 


Joining him on this record are producer Adrian Dolan on fiddle, Marc Jenkins on pedal steel, Jason Cook on drums and Darrin Wiebe on bass. Through Daydream Sommelier’s vivid imagery and understated approach, J.R. Proctor showcases himself as an emergent artist with a promising future.

J.R. also plays traditional music with Stardust Stringband and has worked as a supporting musician in Twin Bandit. Through these groups, he has won over audiences on stages throughout Canada - including at the Woodstove Music Festival, the Sooke River Bluegrass Festival, and the Brackendale Bluegrass Festival.